REMTech's mission is to develop global technocrats and managers by

"Empowering thru Education"

The Logo

  • The science and technology has completely revolutionized the life of human beings to a better perspective. There is constant upgradation. The arrow depicts the upward movement of science and technology and interns the life.
  • Green globe depicts the world’s prosperity which embraces both qualitative and quantitative relations in term of social, economical and technical milieu.
  • Life, it may be averred in both action and contemplation which leads to empowerment represented by the fist. Both action and continuation are essential dimensions of empowerment and hence there has to be a coordination to attain the zenith of success.
  • The wheel representing engineering is the primary demand of today’s society. Continuous movement of wheel is like the constant rise on the ladder to achieve success, prosperity and hence empowerment.
  • “REMTech integrates itself in elevating earth’s well being through science & technology endeavors”

Gaurav Tayal, CS (2008-12)

During the course of my studies, my teachers taught me to think empirically my approach has become very practical and logical when it comes to solving any problem.

Lakshmi Tyagi, MBA (2010-12)

Being a girl and belonging to a city like saharanpur i never imagined that i would have a serious professional career. My college, my expericnces ignighted the fire in me.

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